What makes our training different ?

At ABMVT we recognise that we live in a fast paced world filled with commitments and responsibilities. This being the case ABMVT has realised the importance of quality training without wasting time “You can always replace money, but you can’t replace time”. Every session you attend should be enjoyable, leaving you with a sense of achievement instead of feeling toxic or demoralised. We absolutely do not promote hierarchy, by assisting and nurturing development instead of vying for superiority during training “we make, we don’t break”. You will train with people of varying age, gender, fitness and ability in a supportive learning environment based on mutual respect.

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Fantasy vs Reality

Wing Chun (Ving Tsun), has in recent years received a great deal of publicity from the Ip Man films. The reality of combat, however, is far different from what is shown at the cinema. Here at ABMVT your training will be honest. To quote our head coach Ernie Barrios “Real Training for Real People”.

Martial Arts Training

If the system of martial arts you are about to study, is to be more than a collection of opinions about the subject, it must proceed with more than just the history of the activity, the preferences of the coach and the observed habits of those people who are perceived to be performing at a high level. It seems that martial arts training would be more efficiently performed if it had more in common with engineering as opposed to astrology, more like a physics class as opposed to popular fiction. Martial arts training, without doubt, would be more effectively coached if it were developed from mechanics rather than folklore.

The Ving Tsun fighting system contains weapons training. We encourage you to learn the whole system as use of the weapons promotes good mechanics in real combat.

Working together is a two way process, that way both partners are involved and developed

There is a “no nonsense” attitude towards training and there are no secret mystical techniques. Knowledge is shared openly and honestly.

“What our members say” Please take the time to read the statements below, this gives a real insight into the club philosophy and ethos.

I have been attending ABMVT for the last nine years and have enjoyed every minute of it. It is more of a community than a club, where friends meet to learn new skills.

Andrew - Member for 8 Years
Before taking the plunge and going to a session at ABMVT Manchester, it had been years since my last martial arts experience (judo as a teenager).  I liked the sound of ABMVT in terms of efficiency, directness and practicality, but wasn’t sure what to expect. I phoned Ged and he talked to me in very down to earth language about his philosophy and approach. I then received warm welcome at my first visit. I would describe his style as relaxed and informal, and very modest, as he is an expert martial artist and coach who doesn’t need or want the label of ‘Sifu’. But it’s not just about Ged.  All the club members are both passionate about ABMVT and very willing to share their knowledge, experience and advice. I’m very grateful for and keen to reciprocate as my skills and ability grow. I highly recommend ABMVT Manchester, whether you’re a beginner, someone coming back to martial arts, or an advanced martial artist who wants to train with and learn from the very best.

Steven (Young Steven)

(Young) Steven Long Term Member

Having trained in the martial arts for 28 years and knowing Ged for 14 years, I have had the pleasure of training under him for 8 years, his dedication to the art and the improvement of his students is second only to his knowledge of the system he teaches . Ged is, in my opinion the best person in the country if not Europe, teaching the art of Ving Tsun (wing chun).If anyone intends to learn Ving Tsun they need to train with Ged Kennerk.

Steve (old[er] Steven)

Old(er) StevenMember for 8 years

I have been training now with Ged Kennerk and ABMVT Kung Fu for over a year now, having practiced with another Wing Chun organisation for three and a half years. Quite frankly, if you want to learn how to defend yourself, get fit and enjoy your training with a great group of people, then you should be paying a visit to ABMVT Manchester. I have practised martial arts for many years, since childhood, in that time, I can honestly say that I have never seen such enjoyable and effective teaching/coaching. I have seen beginners (some quite nervous), walk through the door with zero martial skills and in a short space of time they are equipped with a fighting skill set that works. There are smiling expressions on the faces of new club members who realise that they are able to punch/kick and defend themselves like never before.

Ged Kennerk in my opinion is what a true martial artist should be, his primary concern is your development. Beginners or experienced martial artists alike will find his approach to teaching/coaching refreshing. I can remember my first day at ABMVT Manchester, I was pleasantly surprised at how friendly and open Ged and his students were. Ged’s abilities (scary) and depth of knowledge is truly impressive, he can also explain things in a way that is simple and easy to understand. There is no mysticism or references to choreographed fight scenarios in the latest kung fu blockbuster, just completely honest training with a good dose of laughter along the way.

Since joining ABMVT I have attended every discovery day and every training camp (two solid days of training, these are a real must!!). I have trained with people from America, France, Malaysia, Greece and closer to home, Bristol, Birmingham, London, and Salisbury. Throughout the ABMVT organisation I have found a similar mind set, friendly, intelligent, open minded people who I now consider to be my friends.

Unfortunately there are many bigoted people in martial arts, this mentality you will not find in ABMVT, from Los Angeles based head coach Ernie Barrios through to Manchester coach Ged Kennerk and his students, you will find open minded, friendly support without egotism.

If you fancy joining us, give Ged a call, I would suggest coming along to Saturday morning session just like I did. Prepare yourself for the mid-morning coffee that Ged makes for his students!!! Ask yourself, how many Sifus, Grand Masters or whatever they call themselves these days would do that for you??

Bring with you gym/training gear, an open mind and a good sense of humour and begin/continue/rekindle your martial journey and make a lot of friends along the way.