About Us

We are a Ving tsun (pronounced Wing Chun), club based in Stockport Manchester. We hold classes Tue, Thu 7.00-9.00 and Sat 10.00-12.00. Private classes with our coach Ged Kennerk are also available.

We are part of the international ABMVT (Applied Body Mechanics Ving Tsun), organisation. Our goal is to teach authentic practical Ving Tsun in a supportive and enjoyable manner. Our Wing Chun club is different, as everything we do is aimed at developing practical fighting skills and strategy. There is no place for violence in modern society, but, should ever the need arise, with ABMVT Kung Fu, we equipe you with the necessary skills to survive a real world violent confrontation.

Our coach Ged Kennerk began teaching as a qualified instructor under David Peterson and has been teaching Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun, since the 90s. The club has since transitioned into ABMVT Manchester, training ABMVT course modules under direct guidance from Ernie Barrios.

If you're looking for a proven method to defend yourself using hand to hand combat, or even a new hobby, Ving Tsun/Wing Chun will do just that. You will make new friends with like minded people in a supportive environment.


ABMVT emphasises individual personal development therefore there is no hierarchy system, no belts or grades (Historically Wing Chun doesn’t have belts). As adults we don't feel the need to be periodically rewarded. Coaching is geared towards developing your skill and not imitating the techniques of others, there are no Masters, Sensei or Sifus. Development is continuous and constantly evolving. Your own skill level and personal development is what is most important, we have a moto “GET RESULTS” everything else is irrelevant!!!

We welcome all levels of fitness and skill at our club, our club is a friendly group and we all help to train each other with the guidance of our coach Ged Kennerk. We are all ages, sex and size, an open mind is our only requirement.

There are not many people, more qualified to teach you about reality based combat; Ged Kennerk has a background in private security work and has competed in the ring. This experience and his passion for Wing Chun makes an ideal coach "Reality not fantasy".

We train together, pairing less experienced students with more experienced members. Everyone learns together in the one space and we make sure you know each step before moving you on to the next, "If we train together, we learn together".


A mixed class of males and females will build the confidence of even the least experienced of people and help you in your martial journey.


All levels of ability train together in our classes, everybody is taught by our coach Ged and is monitored. Whilst working in pairs, you can progress at your own pace without pressure.

Having trained in the martial arts for 28 years and knowing Ged for 14 years, I have had the pleasure of training under him for 8 years, his dedication to the art and the improvement of his students is second only to his knowledge of the system he teaches . Ged is, in my opinion the best person in the country if not Europe, teaching the art of Ving Tsun (wing chun).If anyone intends to learn Ving Tsun they need to train with Ged Kennerk.


Steve (Member 8 years)

It has been my pleasure and honour to have been training under coach Ged Kennerk at ABMVT Stockport since 2009.

He is a teacher of Applied Body Mechanics method of Ving Tsun and is incredibly knowledgeable in every aspect of the Wing Chun/Ving Tsun System, he is patient, supportive and professional.

I would recommend ABMVT Stockport to anyone who is serious about training in Wing Chun/Ving Tsun to seek his instruction.


Richard (Member 7 years)

I love this club! I have previously trained in Karate and Muay Thai and have had the privilege of training under some highly regarded instructors. I would rank Ged Kennerk of Manchester ABMVT at the top of that list. Ged lives and breathes Wing Chun and his enthusiasm shines through. He has a brilliant understanding of Wing Chun and body mechanics and knows how to apply and explain his knowledge in a way that is easy to understand.

ABMVT as a Wing Chun style is excellent. Everything learnt is practical and effective. I have attended some of the many camps that ABMVT host, where Wing Chun practitioners from all over the world come to share their knowledge. I have also had private lessons from Ged and these have helped me develop my skills greatly.

Wing Chun is a fantastic way to keep fit and build confidence right into old age and Manchester ABMVT is the best place to learn Wing Chun. I wouldn't go to any other club.


Darrol Member (2 years)